Album Premiere: Shinamo Moki - For You

I’m very proud indeed to be able to première this excellent new EP from Uckfield bedroom duo Shinamo Moki, the latest in a long line of South East UK acts to collaborate with New York digital label Housewarming Records for a free and digital only release. I live in the South East, which qualifies me a little in proclaiming HR’s skill at unearthing local electronic talent is unparalleled (see Birkwin Jersey and J Biscuits), especially considering just how remotely he operates.

This EP is underpinned and defined by its percussion, which is loud and tight but wilfully reserved and constantly unfolding. “Zeal” is digital to the core, opening the gates for a monochrome, Gold Panda-esque rattle of vague splintering motifs which palpitate and flourish under guise of a solid, crackling snare sound. The introduction of a kind of grand electronic string sound sets a precedent for the  eclectic, and it is not long at all before “Umi” (above) represents the unleashing of the Eastern influence which colours, to varying degrees, the EP in its later stages.

"Jaded" is retro and trance-inducing, utilising an fluid fade-in and background gurgles (of vocals??) to create a watery ambience which the final track manages to hold together, by means of a wonderfully organic acoustic sound on a slow-burning and pleasant chord progression. Its not long before its engulfed in a wash of tearing ambient noise - a moment for headphones, if anything is. 

Keep up with Shinamo Moki and HR first by downloading the EP for FREE just below, and if it takes your liking then you can connect with Shinamo Moki on their facebook and soundcloud pages. Fascinated to hear more from them, so I know I’ll be keeping tabs.


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